June SEC, Norwegian Raids, 14., 21. ja 28. päivänä

Aces High II is a massive multi-player online combat simulation centered around the World War II air-war. Kotisivu / Homepage: http://www.hitechcreations.com/
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June SEC, Norwegian Raids, 14., 21. ja 28. päivänä

Viesti Kirjoittaja Panzzer » To Kesä 11, 2009 20:01

First frame - June 14 - 14-06-2009, 22:00 Suomen aikaa
Second frame - June 21 - 21-06-2009, 22:00
Third frame - June 28 - 28-06-2009, 22:00

Start time 3PM EDT, 20.00 UK, 21.00 CEST (One hour later than previous SECs)

Frame 1: Escape from Narvik. On June 8-13, 1940, the British evacuated Narvik
area using a carrier force west of Norway.

Frame 2: Operation Goodwood. Light naval attack planes from British carriers
tried to sink the Tirpitz on several raids in August 1944 without success. Let's
see whether this SEC sees the same outcome or does the Tirpitz sink.

Frame 3: Pen bombing. The Kriegsmarine had submarine pens near Bergen, this
frame is dedicated to bombing missions trying to dismantle the submarine bunkers
using Lancasters.

Lisätietoja yms. tuolla Hitech Creationsin SEC-keskusteluissa, mm. nuo tarkemmat kesäkuun setupit löytyy sieltä tai tästä...