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Patch 1.29 lupaa hyvää BE:n ilmasotaan

Lähetetty: Ma Loka 20, 2008 14:10
Kirjoittaja Jokeri
Tässä suora quote pelin foorumeilta

Pelihän on pitkään kärsinyt "yaw bugista" jonka nyt pitäisi korjaantua. Tällä viikolla pitäisi myös käsittääkseni 1.29 open beta johon pääsee tätä kokeilemaan. Alla BMBM:n kirjoitelma 1.29 closed betasta.
As part of our v1.29 Open Beta Test announcement going up later today we talk a bit about the yaw fix. BmBm was nice enough to write up a little piece for us on it and I'll be linking to it here. his post follows in its entirety.


Combat implications of the Yaw Fix in WWIIOL:BE v1.29

The WWIIOL:BE flight model is largely viewed as one of the industry’s top offerings with a great deal of organic fidelity and honesty, while at the same time suffering from certain shortcomings borne out of a iterative design process. Its most glaring issue and one that has plagued the FM since day one is its yaw handling, or how it deals with rudder play. With the upcoming version 1.29 the developers have found time to address this issue and arrived at a partial solution that does away with most of the distressing factors.

IOW, DOC has fixed much of the long-standing yaw issues and reduced the ”Flop” to a much more benign state. The yaw fix benefits all fighter and fighter-bomber aircraft to various degrees. Here is the low down on the changes and what it means from a pilot perspective.

Rudder, what rudder?
Because the use of rudder has been associated with so much fear and loathing in WWIIOL:BE, many pilots have ceased to use it or never bothered to learn the utility of yaw in the first place. This is a crying shame, as control of yaw is a fundamental factor of flying and combat: a lack of yaw is comparable to a lack of elevator authority in terms of flight and fight physics.

What used to happen is that full rudder input would cause the aircraft to roll more than yaw, and often cause a violent departure. Furthermore, yaw was more or less uniform regardless of airspeed: full rudder at max level speed would yield almost as much yaw as it would at stall speed. All of this combined to make rudder play a sensitive business and because of the catastrophic results of hamfistedness and over-excitement, pilots shied away from using rudder at all.

Goodbye, Flop
The Flop, or a dramatic and violent departure from normal flight at any airspeed as a result of rudder application, has now been much reduced. The greatest sufferers of the Flop, the Bf 109 and Bf 110 series, the Bell Mle 14 (P39) and Blenheim Mk IF, are also the greatest benefactors of the yaw fix. While it is still possible to induce a bad Flop, normal use of rudder in typical combat situations is now possible. Aircraft such as the Spitfire and Hurricane series were all but immune to the Flop, whereas the French aircraft could and did suffer it to some degree.

The one thing you will want to avoid, is to give full rudder input in a turning, climbing contest at anything from stall to corner speed. This WILL cause you to depart violently – as it should!

Greetings, Strafer
Coming down to strafe a moving truck the intrepid close air support pilot would hitherto have to draw accurate lead and avoid using rudder at all, or presently find himself gouging pretty holes in the ground. With the yaw fix, ALL aircraft can correct a strafing approach and hold it with the application of rudder. This is a major improvement for the pilot, though perhaps not quite as welcome for the PBI. Note that you will have to counteract a rolling tendency with a spot of opposite aileron – this is normal and expected.

Yaw that shot
The head-on attack, despite its dismal odds and less than tactically brilliant approach to air combat, now rises to the fore as the pilot can actually fly offset from a pure collision course and use rudder to yaw his sight forward in the bandit’s path. IOW, instead of going directly head-on, you can now fly on a parallel track and use rudder to draw lead, thus avoiding the collision while still giving yourself a shot opportunity. This is a major improvement as a result of the yaw fix, and works like a charm when you are saddled up behind a target too. Use your rudder to fishtail, or hose your gunfire from wingtip to wingroot, without fear of falling from the sky.

Aerobatics, sho’nuff
The yaw fix has made aerobatics and advanced combat manoeuvres possible where they were formerly tricky at best and downright lethal at worst. You could do a Boat Turn – full rudder turn with opposite aileron to stay level - before, though not quite as easily as presently (it is not terribly useful in combat, but nice enough to know about). You could fly on the Knife Edge - wing down, full opposite rudder – momentarily: now you can do it almost as long as you like. You could do your Hammerhead – a steep zoom to stall speed with a deft wingover conversion to the dive – though not very well: now it is a joy to execute. Same thing with Loops and Cuban-Eights – go crazy with 1.29.

Lag roll attacks made possible
Coming in hot on a turning H-87, the FW 190 driver can now draw full use of his rudder in a lag roll attack. In the zoom and roll-away to the lag position, the FW, floating inverted, can stomp rudder and cut down to the dive with much greater authority and fine control than previously. Same thing applies for the H-87 booming in on a turning 109F of course, or any other match-up. Get used to your rudder!

Differences and similarities
All fighters and fighter-bombers have been subjected to scrutiny, and have had varying doses of yaw fixage applied. The aircraft that were most prone to yaw issues has been given the most medicine, whereas the aircraft that were largely stable have had less. All crates have improved considerably, which is most notable when strafing and when applying moderate amount of rudder in circling fights. DOC has endeavoured to retain specific aircraft ”flavour” while administering the yaw fix, therefore no single aircraft is exactly the same in terms of yaw performance. This is important to remember, and one of the reasons why WWIIOL:BE is such a convincing game to play – it is not Red vs Blue, but always a challenge.

Johan ”bmbm” Kylander
Day One Addict and Beta Tester
Tälle pelille erittäin suuri ja positiivinen asia jos tämä korjaus on onnistunut. Kuten rotat itse sanoivat ehkä yksi parhaista bugi korjauksista mitä ovat saaneet aikaiseksi.

Re: Patch 1.29 lupaa hyvää BE:n ilmasotaan

Lähetetty: Ke Loka 22, 2008 06:25
Kirjoittaja Whitey33
No mutta Jokeri, sähän voit kaiken muun kivan lisäksi perjantaina esitellä tota peliä mulle.

Re: Patch 1.29 lupaa hyvää BE:n ilmasotaan

Lähetetty: Ke Loka 22, 2008 16:07
Kirjoittaja Jokeri
Whitey33 kirjoitti:No mutta Jokeri, sähän voit kaiken muun kivan lisäksi perjantaina esitellä tota peliä mulle.
Ilman muuta toivottavasti beta clienttikin on tarjolla niin pääsee kokeileemaan tuota korjausta.